Bugs Fixed

  • "Service Unavailable - Zero size object" error page shown when using Author Workbench

  • Author Workbench - "An error occurred when processing your request" error page shown when trying to visit https://author.skills.network

  • Author Workbench - Editing an existing Organization page has an empty name field

  • Author Workbench - Modal windows are badly formatted

  • Author Workbench - Placeholder text displayed on "Create a Lab" page

  • Author Workbench - Users lacking permissions to create a lab receive a 500 error when trying to do so

    Users with the "Editor" role are no longer able to see the "Create Lab" button and users receive an insufficient permissions message when trying to create a lab.

  • Launching a lab from Studio results in an error

    A warning is now shown when testing labs directly from Studio rather than from the Live Preview.