New Features

  • New Integrations to Enable Team Collaboration on Courses

    When working on a course you are likely to need to collaborate with others on your course team. Skills Network uses Box folders for sharing your work and a Slack channel for communication with other team members.
    • Create a Slack channel for the course team to collaborate

      Give your course a home on Slack. Add a Slack channel in your workspace just for course members. Your course team will be automatically invited to this Slack channel.

  • Other Features

    • A weekly What's New is now available in Author Workbench

    • A new Contributor member role is available in Author Workbench

      Contributor has the same access privileges as Staff role but will be publicly displayed as a "Contributor" to learners

    • See the Industry tags while viewing courses on catalog detail pages (

    • You are now notified by email when your role has changed

    • Filter by Industry

    • Minor improvement to becoming an author/instructor

      You are no longer required to connect a GitLab or GitHub account to provide your identity. You can specify your full name directly.

Bugs Fixed

  • Help button does not work
  • Creating a guided project does not work
  • Clicking the Settings button for a course or lab results in "something went wrong" message
  • Author's social profile displayed on profile page even when it shouldn't be
  • Skills input is not working as expected
  • Connecting your GitHub account on Author Workbench results in a "something went wrong" message
  • When writing lab instructions, spaces on a new line after a table cause the instructions preview to stop updating