New Features

  • Easier to get your Course or Guided Project ready for review

    See all the mandatory fields for submitting your project for review up front. It's also much easier to fill in all the required information.

  • Can tag courses by industry

    Classify courses and guided projects as applicable to specific industries

    • Instructors can designate their courses/guided projects as applicable to particular industries
  • New Integrations to Enable Team Collaboration on Courses

    When working on a course you are likely to need to collaborate with others on your course team. Skills Network uses Box folders for sharing your work and a Slack channel for communication with other team members.

  • Other Features

    • Added a max character limit (60) to course and project titles

    • JupyterLite Guided Projects are now authored on Author Workbench

      JupyterLite guided projects are now fully enabled in Author Workbench and you should no longer be editing their content in GitLab. Any changes you make in GitLab directly will cause problems.

    • Creating and updating JupyterLite labs is faster and more reliable

Bugs Fixed

  • Catalog shows non-production ready courses Some courses were shown that were used for development
  • Internal Server Error shown when editing a course or guided project
  • The page you are looking for doesn't exist when working with an author profile