New Features

  • Author profile pages make it easy for you to showcase your eminence

    Your author profile page showcases your areas of expertise, the courses and guided projects you have created and taught, and lets you share this information on social media with prospective employers and the broader community.
  • Can tag courses by industry

    Classify courses and guided projects as applicable to specific industries
  • New Integrations to Enable Team Collaboration on Courses

    When working on a course you are likely to need to collaborate with others on your course team. Skills Network uses Box folders for sharing your work and a Slack channel for communication with other team members.
    • Open Box folder for your course from the course details page in Author Workbench

      You can quickly open the Box folder for your course from the course details page in Author Workbench

    • Course authors can now request a course Box folder from Author Workbench

      When working on a course in the Author Workbench you can request a Box folder to share your work with the rest of the course team.

  • Other Features

    • Update course/project metadata while reviewing without leaving the review form

      You can now make editorial changes while reviewing courses and projects instead of just rejecting submissions.

    • Author profile page is mobile friendly

    • There is now a public Skills Network JupyterLab image for authors to use when developing JupyterLab labs locally

      Easily create a Skills Network JupyterLab authoring environment on your machine using provided docker image. Instructions on Author Workbench knowledgebase.

    • JupyterLite - Image library now enabled in the authoring environment

    • Creating and updating JupyterLab labs is faster and more reliable

      Have your guided project changes available to learners in seconds instead of many minutes. Have full confidence that your changes will be published, hassle-free.

Bugs Fixed

  • Long description and image are not highlighted in red during the "submit for review" flow
  • Incorrect invited user count in course Slack integration
  • Course/Guided Project Draft Status is not displayed on the Information Page
  • Course/Guided Project list does not navigate to the Information page when clicking the "status" pill
  • New courses and guided projects are missing a long description template
  • JupyterLab - Unwanted "Select kernel" popup appears when editing a lab
  • Author IDE - The "Markdown Help" button doesn’t work