New Features

  • Author Workbench - Shared labs are now easy to find There are now three options for adding a lab to a course or a project:

    • By picking a lab from another course

    • By picking a lab from another guided project

    • By picking a lab from a collection of owned and shared labs

  • Other Features

    • Author Workbench - Creating a lab is now a separate process from creating your guided project

    • Cloud IDE - You can now embed Watson NLP sentiment analysis in your application

      AI is only valuable when used in an application. SN Labs can now be used to learn how to deploy Watson NLP capability as a service and how to call it from your application. By embedding Watson NLP, your application will be able to analyze text in big data in formats including HTML, webpages, social media, and more. Tap into the capabilities of this natural language tool kit to identify concepts, keywords, categories, semantics, emotions, and root forms, performing text classification, entity extraction, named entity recognition (NER), sentiment analysis and summarization along the way.

      Simply run docker run -d -e ACCEPT_LICENSE=true -p 8080:8080 to get your Watson NLP application running. View the API Specs here.

    • Portal Manager - Portals and Catalog business performance is displayed in an Analytics page

      As a manager of Skills Network portals, you're now able to view vital business performance statistics for any portal of the Skills Network without logging into that portal.

Bugs Fixed

  • Author Workbench - Something went wrong when you try to change your lab tool type

  • Tables overflow in modal when adding labs from another course or guided project

  • Author Workbench - Guided project outline is not being updated when you change the lab For example, if you changed your guided project tool type from JupyterLab to JupyterLite, when you submitted your guided project for review, it was presented in the outline as JupyterLab. This is now fixed.

  • Author Workbench - "Invite them" link does not send invitation email

  • Author Workbench - Organization is not displayed during review

  • Author Workbench - Author profile pages are missing counts on Courses and Guided Project tabs

  • Multiple tabs are highlighted on the navigation bar

  • Portal Manager - Manager list is too long

  • Portal Manager - Interface renders poorly in Google Chrome