New Features

  • Author IDE - Working with files and publishing improvements

    • Author IDE - Saving your work is better
    • Author IDE - You can now work on a draft
    • Author IDE - Revert to an old version
    • Author IDE - Create a new markdown file
    • Author IDE - Changes are now autosaved
  • Author IDE first user experience improvements

    • Author IDE - Initial Experience Walkthrough (appcues)
    • Author IDE - Can open help from the toolbar
  • Author IDE User Experience improvements

    • Author IDE - The toolbar is now easier to use

      • Skills Network tools are easier to find
        • Single preview button to eliminate confusion
        • Heading level buttons are grouped in one menu
        • Shows current state:
          • Filename (e.g., or
          • Is draft / save status
          • Is published / publish status
        • more sensible layout
    • Author IDE - Launch test of your project/lab from within Author IDE

      You can now launch your project (in a new browser tab) in test mode right from the Author IDE

    • Author IDE - See the status of the Asset Catalog update reflecting your latest changes

      You no longer have to check GitLab pipeline execution progress to understand the status of the Asset Catalog update reflecting your changes.

    • Author IDE - Adding a code block to instructions is easier, less confusing

  • Other Features

    • In guided project index page, truncate project name to a reasonable length and display full name on hover
    • Improve Guided Project creation error message
    • Change "bio" to "about me" on profile page

Bugs Fixed

  • Author image is not optimized for website
  • I cannot create guided project with special character in its name