New Features

  • Cloud IDE - All environments now support labs with Embeddable AI capabilities

    Authors can now easily create labs leveraging the following Watson EmbeddableAI services:
    • Text-To-Speech
    • Speech-To-Text
    • Watson NLP Libraries
      • Sentiment
      • Categories
      • Classification
      • Concepts
      • Detag
      • Emotion
      • Keywords
      • Lang-detect
      • Noun-phrases
      • Relations
      • Syntax Labs will have access to all of these services to use, as well as deploy to Code Engine. See the EmbeddableAI wiki article for more information.
  • Other Features

    • Author Workbench - Individuals can be added as an Editor to review courses and guided projects

Bugs Fixed

  • Author Workbench - Cannot change the organization of your courses or guided projects without labs
  • Author Workbench - Embed Lab instructions not working for Coursera and edX When I click on the embed button on a lab, it displays the embedding instructions for Skills Network normally. But when I click on the Coursera or tabs, the pop-up window closes and it just shows a loading spinner.
  • Author Workbench - Lab search does not work
  • Author Workbench - Missing character limit counter on review page
  • Author Workbench - Profile information is confusing to update
  • Author Workbench - Tab title for course detail page is confusing
  • Reward - Learners claiming a code on multiple or Skills Network Portal courses sometimes run into a "suspicious activity" error incorrectly
  • Reward - Learners claiming a code sometimes run into a "codes have temporarily run out" error incorrectly