New Features

  • Author Workbench - Content Roadmap

    • Author Workbench - A new Calendar and List view to visualize content release dates is now available in the new "Roadmap" page

      Head to to visualize your content roadmap.

  • Author Workbench - You can now control the tool versions used in your labs

    • Author Workbench - When creating a new lab, you can now specify what version of a lab tool you want to use

    • Author Workbench - When editing an existing lab, you can now change the versions of the tools used

      When creating a new version of a lab, you can now change the tool version as well. For example, you can now update your labs that use Cloud IDE 1.0 to use Cloud IDE 2.0.

  • Author Workbench - You can now start to create Articles much faster

    The "Create Article/Tutorial " button is now 3 times faster

Other Features

  • Author Workbench - A new major version of Skills Network JupyterLab is available

    When you create new JupyterLab lab on Author Workbench, you will get our new version of JupyterLab by default. This new version loads faster and has the latest version of Python (3.12) available. It also provides free access to OpenAI and LLMs (subject to a quota) so you can teach your learners how to build with LLMs without requiring them to go through a sign-up process.

Bugs Fixed

  • Author Workbench - "Leaving Organization" modal pops up after you invite someone to your organization

  • Author Workbench - Author record does not include articles/tutorials/videos contributions

    You can now sort members of your organization by articles/tutorials/videos contributions.

  • Author Workbench - Broken sign out button in onboarding

  • Author Workbench - Cannot edit certain labs and see white screen instead

  • Author Workbench - Social Links in the footer page link to CognitiveClass socials instead of Skills Network socials

  • JupyterLite - You are unable to publish your lab