New Features

  • Tai has lab instruction context

    • Author Workbench - Tai's responses are now fine-tuned to the contents of your lab

      Tai is more knowledgable and helpful with the ability to read your lab instructions! When learners are having a conversation with Tai in their lab, Tai is able to retrieve relevant lab instructions and include those information in its response. Most courses should have access to this feature - otherwise make sure to set up the lab within the course properly embedded (see image below). image.png

Other Features

  • Author Workbench - You can now easily navigate to your organizations from any page

    If you are a member of any organizations, you can now easily navigate to your organizations' pages in the top-right hand corner, right beside your profile picture.

Bugs Fixed

  • Author Workbench - Articles and Instructional lab audio playback reads markdown tags like ##
  • Author Workbench - Audio playback is not being generated for new instructional labs and articles
  • Author Workbench - Trying to sort organizations by course or project columns results in a "Content Missing" error