New Features

  • Catalog - Added a loading spinner

  • Catalog - Asset card's review section has a new look

    We've made it easier for you to check asset ratings! Instead of hovering over star ratings, you can now quickly see the rating at a glance in text directly on the asset card. We've revamped these cards for a cleaner and more detailed look, also addressing accessibility concerns.

Bugs Fixed

  • Author Workbench - Cannot create new assignments for courses

  • Author Workbench - Pagination does not work past page 2

  • Author Workbench - Clicking My Profile leads to page that feels unrelated

  • Catalog - Not seeing "Learn on Coursera" button when opened from Author Page

  • Catalog - Filtering the catalog while on later page results can get you stuck

    When filtering our catalog you may navigate to a later page of results. If you then further filtered your search such that there are fewer pages of results, you may have gotten stuck on a page with no results. This is no longer the case and you will find yourself on the first page of results.