New Features

  • Filtering, sorting and pagination of courses and projects is now available in Author Workbench

  • You can now edit and publish JupyterLab notebooks from Author Workbench

  • You can now edit and publish JupyterLab notebooks on your machine via the skillsnetwork-authoring-extension

    Authors can now edit their labs locally from JupyterLite/JupyterLab on their computers via the skillsnetwork-authoring-extension.

    • Currently, Authors are only able to edit their labs in the JupyterLite/JupyterLab browser environment provided by Skills Network

    • Authors can install the skillsnetwork-authoring-extension extension and have the option to manually enter their lab token to load up their lab and edit locally

    • Authors can install the package via PyPi:

    • Author Workbench enables you to author Jupyterlab Labs on your computer

  • Other Features

    • Catalog managers can now manage (Create, Edit, Delete) catalogs from a UI

    • The Skills Network Python library can now be used to quickly provide datasets to learners

      Unzipping/untarring datasets with a large number of files can take a long time. The skillsnetwork python library can be used to mitigate this issue. To see examples of how to start using it, please see the "Preparing a data set" section on

Bugs Fixed

  • Sorting by language on Author Workbench is not in the correct order

  • JupyterLite display file name in the sidebar as Untitled.ipynb

  • JupyterLite - Unwanted "Select kernel" popup appears when editing a lab

  • Unable to search on Course Code