New Features

  • The new Image Library is now available in Author IDE

    Currently, working with images in Author IDE is difficult. These features will make dealing with images much better. Images should use the default path <project_path>/images/... Authors can now:

    • View images that they’ve uploaded

    • Group their images into different folders

    • Move images from one folder to another

    • Rename images

    • Upload and delete images

    • Create folders for images

    • Refresh image library

    • Preview all their images with thumbnails

  • Other Features

    • Catalog Curator can tag courses and projects with multiple Skills, Cloud Paks, TDPs and Sales Plays Tag courses and projects with attributes such as Sales Plays, Cloud Paks, TDP, and Skills so that IBM sales teams can easily see which courses and projects can help their customers to get better acquainted with key IBM technologies.

    • Authors can tag courses and projects with Skills the course or project will help build

      Want to let users know what skills they will build by taking your course or doing your project? Just tag your course/project with these skills.