New Features

  • Author Workbench - Within Cloud IDE and JupyterLab you can now create labs that use and OpenAI embeddings endpoints for free

    As a hands-on lab author/instructor you want to create compelling content that does not require your learners to open accounts and pay for services just to complete your labs. You can now create labs in Cloud IDE and in JupyterLab notebooks that can use and OpenAI embeddings without a need to create accounts or to pay any money.

  • Author Workbench - OpenAI's GPT 4o and 4 Turbo are available to use for free in Cloud IDE and JupyterLab

  • Catalog - Premium Courses can now be listed in Skills Network Catalog is the best way for prospective prospective Skill Network Portal customer to understand what content would be available if they were to get a portal. Unfortunately, up till now, premium content i.e. the most desirable content was not listed on the catalog site. With this feature, prospective clients will be able to see the premium content on

Bugs Fixed

  • Author Workbench - Courses and Guided Projects detail page does not fit on mobile screens

  • Author Workbench - Documentation links in a course's advanced tab are outdated