New Features

  • Author Workbench - Coursera and edX courses and guided projects can now be part of the Skills Network Catalog

    Coursera and edX courses are now listed in the Skills Network Catalog. This allows any portal administrator to deploy (a reference to) these courses/projects to their portal. Learners who choose to take the course or project will be redirected to Coursera/edX and will have to use their account on that platform. Portal administrators are now able to add these courses and projects to the Learning Paths they create.

  • Other Features

    • Author Workbench - You can now use an existing Slack channel for collaboration

    Author Workbench now allows you to create a new Slack channel or use an existing one for collaboration.


Bugs Fixed

  • Author IDE - "Unsaved changes will be lost" popup opens even if you have just saved your content