New Features

  • Author Workbench - The same lab can now be used by multiple Courses and Guided Projects

    When creating a lab, you can allow others to use it in their courses and projects. When authoring a course or a guided project, you can now add labs that were created by others to your course or project, or labs you're using in your other courses and projects.

    • You can allow other organizations or authors to use your labs in their courses or projects

    • You can re-use your labs across multiple courses and projects

  • Other Features

    • Author Workbench - It is now easier to see any incomplete author profiles before submitting your course or project for review

    • Cloud IDE - Your learners can launch their application with 1 click

      There is now a fewer clicks way for your learners to launch their application.


Bugs Fixed

  • Guided project advanced tab doesn't load for guided projects without a lab
  • Skills Network File Library is zoomed in too much
  • Author Workbench - Guided Project Summary tab in edit mode is empty when your project has more than 1 contributor
  • Author Workbench - What's Changed prompt in submit for review flow does not yield meaningful changelogs
  • Cognitive Class.Ai does not show the correct version of an updated and published Lab.
  • Author Workbench - Organization members table cannot sort by courses or projects
  • Author Workbench - Filtering courses by organization does not work
  • Subscribe to Catalog button is not visible on mobile view
  • When creating a new lab in a course/project the lab's IP ownership is not defaulted to the owner of the course/project When creating a brand new lab as part of the course or project, the ownership of the new lab should default to the owner of the course/project.
  • Author Workbench - Deleting a Course/GP with labs can cause unintended results
  • Author Workbench - Removing a lab from its original course or guided project breaks the editing of that lab
  • JupyterLab publishing can be broken by cancelling an attempt to publish