New Features

  • Author Workbench - You can now create and manage authoring organizations

    • Organizations can be managed/viewed through an Organization panel

      • AWB users can view all organizations in the Organizations tab

      • AWB Admins can create new organizations

      • Organization Managers can remove people from their organization

      • Organization Members can view all organization members, courses, and guided projects on an individual organization's page

      • Organization Managers can edit their organization

      • AWB Admins can delete organizations

    • Organization’s manager can invite people to join their organization

Bugs Fixed

  • Author Workbench - search for an author does not work

  • Search bar only shows courses in the search results to admins (and not regular users)

  • Author Workbench - Edit in Studio button results in "We're sorry, but something went wrong" error for some courses

  • Author Workbench - Inviting users to a course or project by email fails if the email address contains an uppercase character

  • Users are not notified by email when their request for Slack integration is approved