New Features

  • Creating and updating guided projects is faster and more reliable The publishing process is now faster and less likely to fail

  • Other Features

    • Author Workbench - You can now sort columns in the organization table

    • Author Workbench - Improved Organization selection dropdown

      The dropdown has a new and improved look

    • Author Workbench - You can now search Courses and Guided Projects by any of their attributes

Bugs Fixed

  • Author Workbench - There is no way to view truncated titles

  • Author Workbench - When lab creation fails, users are not shown an error message

  • Author Workbench - Edit in Studio button shows users "Failed to grant access to course" message

  • Author Workbench - Can upload non-image files to image upload on courses and guided projects

  • Author Workbench - Unclear error message shown when trying to add a user without an Author Workbench profile to an organization