New Features

  • Skills Network File Library

    You now have an interface to upload and manage your course or project's files. Upload .csv, .sql, images or any other type of file that may be useful to your course or guided project.
    • New File Library is now available in Author Workbench

      Just click the "Open File Library" button to open the new File Library.

    • New File Library is now available for Skills Network JupyterLab and JupyterLite

      The new File Library also makes it easy for you to add images to notebooks. These changes are also available for local authoring, just make sure you are running the skillsnetwork-authoring-extension at version 0.5.1 or newer.

  • You can change your guided project type

    Accidentally selected Cloud IDE and realize you actually wanted to create a JupyterLab guided project? You can now go to your project's settings page and change your project type.
  • Clear documentation for authors on how to use File Library

  • Other Features

    • Display public author/instructor profile instead of profile edit screen

      When you select an Author/Instructor in the left nav menu of the Author Workbench, you will now get their public profile displayed instead of being thrown into the Profile Edit screen.

    • Authorized users can now view published courses/projects in Curator with a simple button click

    • You can update catalog items and your changes will be synced back to Author Workbench (when possible)

Bugs Fixed

  • Author Workbench - No way to easily edit Custom Outline for a Guided Project
  • Author Workbench - Editing or Testing JupyterLab labs within Courses produces a "Something went wrong" error message
  • Author Workbench - Editing or Testing JupyterLab labs within Guided Projects produces a "Something went wrong" error message
  • Author Workbench - Updated cover image for a Guided Project is not saved
  • Author bios not showing up on course and project details pages
  • Author IDE - The latest available instructions' version is not always loaded into the editor on launch
  • JupyterLab - Wrong file name displayed in the sidebar (always shows as lab.ipynb)
  • Author Workbench - JupyterLab guided projects open up authoring environment instead of learning environment when one clicks "Preview Your Project"
  • SN File Library - Authors can't upload files that are grater than 1MB in size
  • Author Workbench - Search by Title not working
  • Author Workbench - Course and Guided Projects are not showing the course card correctly
  • Markdown instructions in HTML format aren't rendered correctly
  • Author IDE - Saving a lab sometimes fails
  • JupyterLab - Publishing via the JupyterLab Skills Network Authoring extension is confusing